As a musician, parent and educator, I’ve always been fascinated by the way children learn music, and how it affects all aspects of their lives.  When I started playing the autoharp, it became clear that this instrument could be used as a fun way to teach children about chord progressions and song accompaniment.   I first published this book in 2000 as a fun and innovative way to teach young children how to play the autoharp, using colors and familiar songs to teach song accompaniment, with the added bonus of learning chord relationships and progressions, and also reading practice. 

Since then, I’ve sold many copies for $15.00 each, and received many positive comments about the book.  Now, I’ve decided to make it freely available as a gift to anyone who wants to share this wonderful instrument with children.

So, the pages are available here for you to download and print for free!    Just follow the instructions, and you’re welcome to print the pages and stickers as you teach young people how to play the autoharp. Before you do that, please read the “Introduction to the Book” (click here), where you’ll find important information about kids and autoharps, and a link to the stickers and the song pages.

This is my gift to you.  Now, here’s an opportunity for you to multiply it!  If you have some extra cash and are so inclined, consider making a donation of the price of the book, (or whatever you can afford) to your favorite children’s or family charity, and as a gift to me, let me know! and I’ll feel warm and happy.